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How Millennial Buying Habits Should Influence Your Selling Strategies

Millennials completely changed up the game for how companies connect with their consumers. Now the biggest indicator of what our next purchase is going to be is what we see in our Instagram feed. In 2015, a Deloitte report found that social media influences the purchasing decisions of 47% of Millennials. The culture around buying products online is similar to “keeping up with the Joneses”. People see social influencers with certain products and services that they love, and they want to buy them. People are also influenced by what their friends buy. They can see what brands their friends interact with and love, and use that information to influence their buying decisions. 

Why should this information matter to you? You can take advantage of how Millennials buy. Having a business in 2017 and keeping ‘old school’ with your selling strategies won’t get you far when connecting to the Millennial generation. You need to keep up with all the online trends and make sure your product is seen in the social world. Get creative with your social selling techniques and make sure people get a taste of your culture, and what your brand is all about! 

If you need help connecting with the Millennial generation through social media, consider getting a Social Media Audit. This will help you understand what you are doing right, and what you can be doing better. 

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