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3 Ways To Sell On Social That You Probably Aren't Doing

When most emerging e-commerce brands turn to digital marketing to increase sales many turn to the basics of digital marketing. They focus on improving SEO, updating graphics, and paid digital search. All of these methods work great for getting your name out there and improving your presence online, but there is so much more you can do. Selling on social has no limits and there are ways for your brand to get creative and stand out.

Here are three powerful ways to sell on social media: 

1. Social Influencer Marketing

What type of product do you sell? Now quick think of 3 famous people that would benefit from your product. This is how social influencer marketing begins. Now usually you don’t reach out to the first 3 people that come to your mind, but do research on what social influencers you could get to use your product and review it to their followers. There are popular bloggers, Youtubers, and social media stars for almost every niche. Some of these social influencers may charge money for them reviewing your product, while others will only demand a free product. When someone with a large social presence is seen liking your product/service their community will see that and spend up.

2. Psychographic Ad Targeting.

Major social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have begun to segment their users by their stated and implied interests. They track what type of posts and pages people like, and share and began to get a grasp on what their interests and opinions are. You can check out what Facebook thinks your opinions are here: Psychographic segmentation can be extremely beneficial for reaching people whose interests and opinions align with your brand. This makes the money you spend on ads much more valuable because you will be reaching people more likely to buy your product/service.

3. Having a Presence on the Right Channels

Do you sell a product? You should probably be on Instagram and Pinterest a lot more than you already are. Both platforms offer shop now buttons where social media posts can actually take the user directly to your website to buy the products they are seeing. Are you on Google+? This simple social media website that almost nobody uses can actually improve you SEO significantly just by posting to it once a week. Are you in the home improvement industry? You should be active on Houzz, the biggest platform users turn to when getting ideas on home improvement. There is way more social media sites out there than you think, and it can be hard when determining the right ones for your brand to invest in. If you are curious on what your brand can be doing to improve its social presence, consider getting a Social Media Audit. 



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