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Concertgoers Have Their Own Social Media Platform With

The main social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter will always remain to be popular and a part of our everyday lives. Social media is growing, and there are more networks than you think, the problem is most of them don’t stick around for too long. People are so used to what they know on social media, that the new social platforms usually don’t get enough engagement. People will try it for a couple days, then get bored of it. This happened with major app Vine, and the first notorious social media platform MySpace. Whenever any new social media platform pops up I make sure to check it out before its popularity fizzes out. If the platform is good enough to stick around, being ahead of the game and already establishing a presence on the platform before it gets popular will pay off tremendously. is a new social media platform where concertgoers can share their experiences, write reviews, and upload photos from their shows. It is a site where music lovers can connect as a community and share some of the experiences they treasure most. It keeps track of every concert you’ve been to, and even can allow you to connect with other people who were at the same venue as you. This platform can also be an extremely beneficial tool for upcoming artists, and concert venues to interact with their fans. They can engage with posts from their concerts, and make their fans feel special. 

Whether this platform is here to stick or not, you should try it while you have the chance. Do you have any upcoming concerts you might like to share with the world? 



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